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#1   What time does the

        parade start?

        The Parade starts at 10:00 am

#2   Where do you line up for the                    parade?

           LIne up is at the Fair Grove High    

           School  Starting at 9:00 am

#3  Does it cost anything to be

       in the parade?

       NO, our parade is FREE of charge

#4  Do I need to register?

         NO, just show up at  the High      

          School no later than 8:45 am

#5  Can I throw beads and candy

        in the parade?

           Please DO NOT throw anything in      

           the  parade.  You need to have        

           WALKERS  with your floats

            and hand out candy.  Throwing                    things scares the  horses and to

           minimize kids from getting hurt.

​#6   Do you allow politicins in

        your parade?

          NO. We have a NO POLITICIAN

          POLICY in our parade.  But please

          contact us we have a program book

          and  other volunteer outlets  that

          our politicians can get involved

          with,  more information you can

          contact  Debi at 417-759-2807


Please read through this quick Q & A

 #1   What kind of booth space

         do  you accept?

          We are a HOME MADE craft show only.

              All crafts must be    homemade. We do                     not  allow and retail, flea market or                           commercial  items.

#2    Are you a juried show?

          Yes we are. We have secrets shoppers

              over the weekend to  make sure that you

               are not selling any retail, flea market                         or commercial items. 

#3     Do you allow commercial

          booth spaces?

           We do not allow commercial

                booth spaces, or any Business  to

                Business or MLM's.   However we do

                offer a program  book that you  can

                advertise in that we print over 12,000                     copies and mail out to all over the area. 

#4      Do you allow political booth              spaces?

             NO. We have a NO POLITICIAN POLICY.                     But please contact  us we have

                  a  program book and other volunteer

                outlets  that our politicians can get

                 involved with,  more  information you

                 can contact  Debi at 417-759-2807

#5      What kind of Food Booth spaces

           do you accept?

              FOOD BOOTH spaces are usually on a 

                waiting list status, however fill out an

               application and don't forget to send in    

               photos and a menu list. as spaces open

               up and as we acquire more space we will                let you know and keep you posted on                         availability.  We limit how many and                         what kind of food booths to  insure                            there isn't too much of the same thing.                     

#6      Food Booths and the Green

           County Health Department

             The Greene County Health Department                    requires us to give  them a list of all                          vendors that are cooking, selling food                       for  that weekend.  Besides the                                   cooking booths we have provide all                           the bakers, honey, nuts, jelly's,                                  kettlecorn,  pre-packaged food.  If you

                   have questions about fees,  permits                          and sampling please contact

                  417-864-1104 or  there website at                                www.springfieldmogov/heath

Fair Grove Heritage Reunion

September 27th - 28th, 2014

Want To be A VENDOR

for 2015 show?

Please read through this quick Q & A

Before you fill out the application below

Welcome to the Heritage Reunion webpage.  You will find useful information about the parade, vendors and all the events going on at this years festival. We are looking forward to another great year. We are going to have lots a GREAT BANDS, lots of crafts, FANTASTIC FOOD. and lots demonstrations.

 info below first then CLICK HERE to contact us with any further questions



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